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The Tale of a Garason Meister

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"Twelve eyes look down and descend upon us. The war-filled minds are given a new cause.

One soul, one brick, building the foundation of a new dream. An idea, six deities forming a team.

To beam upon the people within the walls, united in struggle whenever duty calls.

Towards the next challenge, we ride on. Side by side, for we are all knights of Garason.

Fear not thy neighbor, for in this city you are the sequel. In Garason, we are all equal".

The young aeran Reidara lives in the village of Aeraenas but does not consider it his home. He feels like an outcast among his own kind and desires nothing else but to leave. He receives that chance when the head meister of Garason invites him to enter a probationary period as a member of his group. The young aeran gladly accepts and travels over the wide continent of Laedenna towards one of the largest city's in existence. But what does Reidara actually know about the meisters? Does he have what it takes to bear their responsibilities?

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