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The City of Light

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In the days before the Third War, Toth was a peaceful city on the borders of the verdant valleys of the kingdom of Beranonir, in an area known as the Galonian Steppe.
Barbarian raiders stalked the steppe however there were few attacks on Toth. The Duke’s personal guard dealt with those that occurred swiftly and with a minimum of bloodshed, thus sparing the children of the city the horrors of battle. The green knights, so called because of the patina of their armour, were well trained and efficient in their slaying of the barbarians, and the city remained untouched by savagery.
When the war began, the citizens of Toth cared little. They had grown accustomed to their place of safety on the steppe. For ten long years, the war reigned and cities fell to the enemy and with each passing moon, the people of Toth rejoiced that their city stood.
When the barbarian stronghold fell, the city of Toth became a target for attacks until one man devised a method of protecting the city, thus creating the City of Light.

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