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God Gametes 2

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Our body has 50 million-million cells - each with 2 copies of the 3.1647 billion nucleotides in our genome. If nucleotides are switched off, they are ignored - if switched on, they are read and they code for building body parts. No one knows what does this switching off and on. Scientists call the process epigenetics yet it is referred to here as Dark DNA.

The God Gametes theory argues that we have been created by an external gender-based species for the purpose of reproduction, and the way we reproduce has been modelled on the way they reproduce. And for thousands of years, we believe, our ancestors subconsciously understood our role in that process. This is why they conceptualised a variety of Fertility Gods that were gender-based and that reproduced. Our reproductive system, even at the molecular level, points to remarkable parallels between previously unknown biological processes and many ancient cultural and spiritual traditions.

More simply expressed; “As above; so below.”

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