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Rick Holden is a struggling writer. He has retreated to the seclusion of Avalon Estates to complete his latest novel, one based on magic and witchcraft. In returning to this Long Island manor after more than a dozen years he renews his acquaintance with the mysterious Jewel household. Ophelia, the lady of the manor, her weak-willed husband, Chester, her playboy stepson, Rad, the eccentric groundskeeper, the neurotic housekeeper, and the intoxicating niece, Phaedra. -- The Ancients say that life revolves in a great circle; no one ever really dies. Phaedra believed in the Ancient Mysteries. She had spent her entire life learning the ways of the Craft. Rick looks to Phaedra for instruction and inspiration. What he didn't expect to find was love. Phaedra is the story of a man and woman caught in an impossible situation that is out of their control. It is a story of faith that endures through the ages, of two people who continue to find each other, fight for each other and sacrifice all they have for love.

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