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Not By Might, But By Right

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Suppose the 1940 Democratic Convention refused to accept Wallace as FDR's running mate? It almost happened! Here, it does. The Kenner family follows anxiously, debating who to support. The new President must wade through problems while more responsibility is thrust upon young Charlie Kenner because of older family members leaving to fight or work in defense industries. As he comes of age at breakneck speed - doing such things as notifying his older sister of her husband's death and helping to deliver her baby - those in Washington also face challenges, such as integrating the military in 1941 to show they won't be beholden to Southerners, only to see more complications come from that, even as the integrated units function well together. World War Two develops similarly yet very differently, as the U.S. and Germany go to war first. Decisions make things easier and yet harder, too, as as Allies progress. The post-war world eventually comes into focus with an epilogue in 2000.

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