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Update: Myths - Beliefs Change Things you can Change your Beliefs

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FROM Heresy Magazine 2 UPDATE: Myths 1. All beliefs are ultimately false to facts. Beliefs, however, change things. Humans can alter their beliefs beneficially. 2. Words have no intrinsic meanings: at best, metaphors; at worst, liars' tools. There are no "archetypes" except as intellectual boxes. 3. Mathematics is a language. Yet numbers do not really exist, except as figuring tools. 4. The truth appears paradoxical on many axes. 5. Time is more than one-dimensional. 6. Consciousness and the lifeforce comprise a fundamental paradox--similarly to matter and energy, and space and time--but in more dimensions. 7. Compassion is a healing force in those other dimensions. 8. There is no such thing as a force of evil either in or beyond nature, except as a destructive mental aberration readily explained behaviorally.

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