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Ashes and Lavender

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ASHES AND LAVENDER is a trilogy of short stories loosely inspired by fairytales, but these are definitely not the fairytales you would tell your children. These alienated fairytale heroines all know that there's more to life than fluttering your eyelashes and wearing pretty dresses if you want to get your happily ever after.

ASHES When Eleanor meets Adam Prince, he promises her that her world is going to change but what she never could have dreamed of is just how much it is about to change.

LAVENDER Gwen is dreading the camping trip her father has arranged for the family, and will do anything to get out of it, a fact that her father knows only too well. When her father goes back on his word she finds herself running for her life into the woods.

LOVE NO OTHER Lena has news for her parents and has driven several hours to give it to them in person. She knows her father will take it badly, but she is not prepared for how far he will go to stop her having the life she dreams of.

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