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Who Owns This Dead Baby?

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This collection of sermons and messages is a result of many years of study and preaching through the power of the Holy Ghost. Pastor, Evangelist and Revivalist Mark E. Herridge, Sr. pastored in Schwab City, Texas for twenty-six years. God has called Brother Herridge to share the revival message across America. He spreads the Gospel of Jesus Christ in church services, campmeetings, revivals, through social media, the internet and now through the written word contained in this book. Brother Herridge’s message is a simple, no compromise Gospel - Repent, Obey God’s Word (the Inerrant, Inspired, King James Bible), and Live Holy. His mission is one of fanning the flames of revival and spreading the message of Pentecost in hopes of turning a wayward church back to a Holy God; inspire the backslider to return to God; and bring the lost to the Shepherd. This book includes hard truth on sin, repentance, salvation, holy living as well as what God expects from His people and hope for a lost and dying world.

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