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Swahili: The Swahili Crash Course: Ultimate Crash Course to Learning the Basics of the Swahili Language Time

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Swahili is a widely spoken language in Africa. Many people around the world are intrigued with the beauty of the land, food, cultures and language. As tourists visiting other's countries it's important to show respect and understanding. There is no better way to convey this message than to learn the local language. Besides impressing the locals you are actually helping yourself avoid the common problems of traveling to other countries. The language barrier is frustrating. I've designed this guide to give you basic knowledge of Swahili. You will be able to communicate and get around the countryside.

Take it from me. I travel the world and I've been able to pick up a few rare languages. Learning exotic languages can lead to quite an adventure. Learning the full language of Swahili can be a daunting task. But learning enough to get around and communicate is easier than you may think. This is exactly why I wrote this guide. This book was written with the tourist in mind.

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