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Chuchypoddy Chappynose

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ChuchyPoddy ChappyNose: Little ChuchyPoddy has an umbrella and beautiful socks so that she can play. But she believes this is not enough and asks her mother for a new toy...
"Chuchy-poddy started to doze,
Mama came to kiss her nose,
Poddy opened her one eye,
Mama felt her nose was dry!
Chuchy-poddy seems so weak…
Is the baby poddy sick?
Poddy’s eyes became so sad,
She sat down on the bed.
“If I’m really sick”, – she thought,
“I deserve a good iPod!
It will help me to feel better
Why and how – it doesn’t matter”.
But Mama Sheep did not agree,
She knew that iPods were not free...

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