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Fire Extinguisher Man Erotic Stories Series Five

22 pages19 minutes


Hi there again! Fire Extinguisher Man is here for your every wish and desire. He's the man you want with you. Check him out and what he gets up to. Join him in Volume 5 with five more awesome adventures.

Meet Emma who like shaving things. The gigolo obliges her. And the man's wife who works in a bank. More happens than a mere cash withdrawal in the bank vault. Fire Extinguisher Man meets two obnoxious ladies on a bus while visiting Cuba. Certain lessons are taught. Other stories include Zoe who likes collecting edged weapons. Will blood flow? Finally, there's Mina, a blind lady from London. More than beer is served at the pub bar.

This is Jimmy Boom Semtex's new erotic short story series. Over 18s only. Here we go. Read away. Fire Extinguisher Man is here.

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