JavaScript is the industry standard client-side scripting languagethat is used in web applications.Professional JavaScriptFrameworks: Prototype, YUI, Ext JS, Dojo and MooTools offers anexamination of some of the top JavaScript (JS) frameworks that areavailable, with practical examples and explanations of what eachdoes best.

Over the past few years, there’s been a small renaissancein JavaScript as a language. A variety of projects have sprung upto build reusable JS libraries and frameworks — and at thispoint, a good number of them have matured and shown staying powerthat they’re worth taking a serious look at and relying on inprofessional projects.

JavaScript has grown in popularity in parallel with the Web andtoday is supported by all major browsers and new web technologies.JavaScript has been extended over time to deliver high-performingand incredibly impressive Web user experiences, using technologiesincluding Adobe Flash, AJAX, and Microsoft Silverlight.

As JavaScript is used increasingly for “serious”development on the Web, the lessons that have been learned and thetools that have been invented along the way are being consolidatedand shared by developers in the form of libraries and frameworks.However, since JavaScript is such a flexible and dynamic language,each framework can present very different approaches to theproblems of web development — each with its own pros andcons.

Coverage of the individual libraries and frameworksincludes:

Prototype: Extending and Enhancing DOM Elements Prototype: Handling Cross-Browser Events Prototype: Simplifying AJAX and Dynamic Data Prototype: Working with Forms Prototype: Manipulating Common Data Structures andFunctions Prototype: Extending Prototype Yahoo! User Interface Library (YUI): Traversing andManipulating the DOM with YUI YUI: Handling Cross-Browser Events YUI: Using Animation and Drag and Drop YUI: Simplifying AJAX and Dynamic Loading YUI: Building User Interfaces with Widgets Enhancing Development with the YUI Core YUI: Dealing with Data, Tables, and Charts Working with YUI CSS Tools Building and Deploying YUI ExtJS: Architecture and Library Conventions ExtJS: Elements, DomHelper, and Templates ExtJS: Components, Layouts, and Windows ExtJS: Handling Data and Talking with the Server ExtJS: DataViews and Grids ExtJS: Form Controls, Validation Dojo: Enhancing Development with Dojo Core Dojo: Manipulating the DOM Dojo: Handling Events Dojo: Composing Animations Dojo: Working with AJAX and Dynamic Data Dojo: Building User Interfaces with Widgets Building and Deploying Dojo Expanding Dojo Enhancing Development with MooTools MooTools: Manipulating the DOM and Handling Events MooTools: Simplifying AJAX and Handling Dynamic Data MooTools: Building User Interfaces and UsingAnimation 
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