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Guarding His Body (Billionaire Lovers, Vol. II)

18 pages15 minutes


When Carter’s job takes an unexpectedly erotic turn, who’s going to protect HIM from the millionaire-rockstar he’s supposed to be guarding? (Adults Only; 4,000+ Words, Gay)


The liquid burned my throat. I had to quickly cover my mouth. I could feel it searing its way all the way down to my stomach. My eyes watered; I thought I was going to throw up!

Michael patted me on the back, laughing quietly as he did.

“Still a little wet behind the ears, huh? We’ll fix that.”

“Tasted like battery acid...” I said, wiping my eyes.

“Get rid of those tears, kid; we’ve got company.”

I could still feel Michael’s hand on my back. It was sliding down the fabric of my suit jacket. When I looked at the man—eyes widening as his hand reached my butt—I saw that he wasn’t even looking at me. His eyes were on the men approaching us.

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