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The Audition (Billionaire Lovers, Vol. II)

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A part in an upcoming play could be Claire’s only chance at paying this month’s rent and living her dream on Broadway. Little does she know, she’s about to play a much LARGER role - in providing a wealthy actor with an heir. (Adults Only; 4,000+ Words)


“Thank you all for coming. This is an audition for playing an extra to Roselyn, who is Bertrand’s sister in the play. This is a very important role to fill, even as an extra.”

I nodded, determined. (Though, if it was really so important, why didn’t it pay more?)

“As most of you already know,” the woman continued, “we have a special guest judge and theatre sponsor here with us today: Mister Wes Jackdaw.”

At this, the man rose, waving to the cheering actresses.

“Would you like to say a few words, Mister Jackdaw?”

I could see the man searching the faces in the seats. I slipped lower into my seat when his eyes came to my section.

“Of course. I would just like to thank you all for coming tonight. I’ll admit—I’ve never seen so many beautiful women in one room at a time.”

The crowd laughed and aww’d at this. He smiled... and I realized, even with my eyes just barely over the seat in front of me, that he could see me.

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