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Javen & The Sorceress's Gift

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Once upon a time, in a land far away, there lived a young man named Javen. Javen was extremely handsome, but in no way a man's man. He knew little of swordplay. Or fighting. Javen was a man of the woods. Javen and the woods were so intertwine, these same woods would later be known as the Javenswood. Of course, to the people of Arcasia, where the Javenswood lay, this name would come to hold two meanings. A double entendre shedding light on what Javen was most well-known for. And that, of course, was Javen's wood.

Long ago, the Land of Arcasia was one kingdom with one king. Many generations ago, when the great King Arcas VII died, his two sons, Arcas VIII and Arconon split up the land. Arcas VIII took the highlands in the north and Arconon took the traditional lowlands in the south. And these lands became known as Arcasia and Arconia.

In the days of Javen, Arcasia and Arconia were in their seventh generation since the split, and still constantly feuding. The only thing that kept the two kingdoms from destroying each other was the vast forest that lay between them. At this time, these woods had no name other than common names like The Great Woods or The Barrier. And it was these woods that would someday be known as the Javenswood.

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