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Billionaire Lovers, Vol. II (Full Series)

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Five erotic tales for the price of one. This bundle contains Mischa Mare’s full Volume II of her Billionaire Lovers Series; tales involving powerful men who ravage the women who catch their eye. (Adults Only; 25,000+ Words)

The following erotic stories are contained within this Bundle:

Guarding His Body: When Carter’s job takes an unexpectedly erotic turn, who’s going to protect HIM from the millionaire-rockstar he’s supposed to be guarding? (Adults Only; 4,000+ Words, Gay)

The Audition: A part in an upcoming play could be Claire’s only chance at paying this month’s rent and living her dream on Broadway. Little does she know, she’s about to play a much LARGER role - in providing a wealthy actor with an heir. (Adults Only; 4,000+ Words)
Tall Dark and Threesome: He's tall, dark and handsome; an English gentleman with enough money and confidence to steal Sarah’s heart instantly. But where does her best friend Courtney fit into this new romance? (Adults Only; 6000+ words, MFF threesome)

Cruising For Disaster: A trip to Florida to start a new life working aboard a suberyacht. An insatiable southern mechanic, and a stately billionaire’s son. Since when were new jobs this erotic? (Adults Only; 5000+ words)

Maid for the Billionaire: You’ve done it! You’ve finally landed your dream job! Well, okay, that’s an exaggeration. It’s a maid position - but it’s in the mansion of THE James Nathaniel, known in closed circles as an inventor of certain... specialty toys. Once you slip into your skimpy maid skirt and fishnet stockings, you soon realize cleaning is only a front for your new position beneath the billionaire... (Adults Only; 6000+ words)

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