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Twenty Tones of Red

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Deeply intense, erotic and romantic, Twenty Tones of Red is a novel that takes you on a journey into the heart of a woman’s submissive sexuality.

Siobhan is a bright, sassy and beautiful young woman, who has always had wild fantasies of being tied and dominated, and matures to realize that with the right lover she can find total fulfillment. Unfortunately the path of true love doesn’t run smooth, and she has to overcome obstacles and wrestle with her fears and insecurities in order to become her real self and find her true 'master'.
The story of how she reaches total sexual and romantic bliss will captivate, exhilarate and intoxicate you.

The novel contains fully graphic scenes of x-rated BDSM sex, and is not for the easily offended.

‘Twenty Tones of Red details Siobhan's training as a sexual slave, and is smokin' hot! Full of romance, hot sex and BDSM. if you have the fantasy of being a Master's sexual slave. This one is a must read, I loved it!’

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