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The Last Boomer Rides On

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The start of this slightly crazy few weeks begins in Ecuador where I had been travelling for 6 months. In April 2014 I sailed off on a container ship bound for Bremerhaven, Germany, it took almost 3 weeks. My vague idea was to fly from there to the UK to visit my Dad and brother Tony.
The ship passed through the Panama Canal, a truly great experience and I have tried to describe the technicalities of this piece of engineering magnificence in as much detail possible. There are links to many photos included in the purchase of this book that should give readers a better perspective of the canal as well as the workings of a “Panamax” container ship.
On reaching Europe things went slightly array needing three days on public transport, an unexpected surprise!

When I finally got to Tony's I thought I'd write this book as I'd had such a different and fun experience with many contrasts.
It's written to give readers a laugh or at least a smile, an idea of how easy travel can be but then how ideas not well planned tend to fall apart. Also to be enjoyed by armchair travellers, others whom also have fun memories of earlier travels or those who are planning/thinking of escaping the rat race for a while.

An independent, solo, middle-aged, free-spirited woman I'm now 57, but in my head I am 26 and have been for over 26 years. Travelling alone takes a bit of guts but once you get going it is wonderful. Trust is an essential part, as is common sense; stupidity is to be avoided. Being over 50 I see how invisible one is to most people, a big advantage. Watching how young ladies travelling alone or in groups are harassed and bothered by guys at every stop no longer makes me long for my youth, (well maybe when the guys are just so tasty), instead I quietly sip my beer either chatting to other local, older men and women, or alone while enjoying people-watching, then occasionally being chatted up by a gallant older trier or even a keen younger man...

Often fear of the unknown stops people from venturing too far! I wonder if this short footloose trip of mine will inspire some to leave the comfort behind to experience the beauty of the world and her peoples.

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