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Crossing the Rubicon: Nature Knights, #1

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Crossing the Rubicon is book one of the Nature Knights fantasy adventure series for kids aged 9-12. It centers around two main characters, Eric Archer and Clancy Donovan, both of whom are twelve years old. When his brother contracts a deadly disease, Eric's search for an antidote leads him to the magical world of Avalon where the elements of nature (earth, wind, fire and water) are controlled by four mighty clan chiefs. He meets Clancy Donovan, a young warrior and future chief of her clan, and learns that the people of Avalon are also suffering from the disease that has affected his brother. Together, Clancy and Eric go on an action-packed quest for a cure and encounter dragons, hags, powerful swords and plenty of sorcery.

The Nature Knights fantasy series for preteens is based on the idea that nature can fight back against the environmental damage mankind is inflicting on it.

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