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My Master

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The Books that make up the Master Series explores all levels of sexuality. My Master introduces readers to this erotic world. An island paradise where guests are free to explore their sexuality. A man called Master Drake rules, his sexual magnetism so strong no one can resist. His pets, a group of attractive men and women help guests live their sexual fantasies. No one is judge the only rules are everything must be consensual, leave no one wanting, and Master's word is law.

I only want to bring you pleasure- Master

Jessica Scott was timid when it came to sex. The sting of her husband betrayal was still fresh in her heart. But Master will opened her eyes to all sorts of sexual delights and show her what love is really meant to be.

Master had the ability to put any man or woman in a delicious erotic spell. All couldn't wait to please him. Though Master cared deeply for his male and female pets, it took Jessica to show him what love was.

Both go on an erotic journey of love, lust and everything in between.

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