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Baby Blues

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Everyone said April West was chasing her doctor boyfriend for his money. She didn't care what the haters said. All she knew was that life was perfect. She was working as a nurse's assistant and going to school to become a nurse. Troye had asked her to marry him, and he wanted to start a family right away. He was fun, sexy and smart, and she had fallen in love with his baby blue eyes.

Then tragedy struck.  The love of her life was taken from her in a car accident that left April with physical and emotional scars. By the time, April could face the world again, she had one goal--have a baby with those brilliant blue eyes. Now, April wants to convince Cale Sheehan, Troye's older brother, to have a baby with her in honor of his brother. Cale is nothing like his brother. He's a serious and logical genetics professor, but Cale is the only one who can give April what she desires.

There's only one problem: in Cale and April's eyes, she still belongs to Troye.

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