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This Is The End

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Kyle Thomas is not having a good day. Lactose intolerant, and sick from having had dairy, he is one of the few survivors when everything goes berserk. Unsure what's actually happening to himself and the friend he's saved, they begin the arduous task of escaping their hometown.
Unfortunately, the military is awaiting their arrival.
They are taken prisoner, where things take a turn for the worse.
When it appears that the military has become overwhelmed by the local populace, Kyle and the few survivors must flee the city. In the event of failure, the city is set for 'cleansing.'
Can they escape? What happens if someone is bitten?
Things seem bleak for our anti-heroes, but they continue to fight the good fight. They survive and hide, learning that the town did not survive. Of course, with the outbreak of those infected by the biological weapon, what will happen to those outside the town?

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