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aHunter4Ever: aHunter4Hire, #4

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She lured him like a siren.

Eighteen years a warrior and he was as weak as the first day he had held a weapon. If he had any defense against her magnetism, he would have turned the car around and went back to his unit. It was dangerous. His team was too far away to come to his rescue if this was a trap. Yet, he continued onward.

He could not deny the attraction.

He was powerless to resist.


Partlan is an elite, alien warrior who is drawn back to Beverly Hills by FBI Special Agent Kelly. She stirs him like no other woman ever has. He has bonded to her and when danger threatens them both, he risks his life to protect her.

Agent Kelly only wants to arrest Partlan. She refuses to admit that there is an attraction between them. Life has taught her that men always leave, but when she and Partlan are kidnapped by an organization that is controlled by extra-terrestrials, she learns that a Hunter's bond is forever.


aHunter4Ever is the fourth book in the aHunter4Hire series. It can be read as a stand-alone story, but it is recommended you read the books in order.

aHunter4Rescue (Book 1)

aHunter4Saken (Book 2)

aHunter4Life (Book 3)

aHunter4Ever (Book 4)


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