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American Federale: They Call Me Lobo
American Federale: They Call Me Lobo
American Federale: They Call Me Lobo
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American Federale: They Call Me Lobo

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When worlds collide we are able to stare into the human soul. Turbulent currents flow between Mexico and the United States. The river of cocaine and other drugs defies man-made laws and flow amidst a sea of demand for mind-bending moments into altered states for which there is an unending back channel of cash. The quick score of the drug trade along our southern border is set amidst the poverty of Mexico to create the greatest confused set of values ever known. Death lurks around every corner as millions of people wait for an opportunity to take their slice of the pie.
Staying alive is quite a challenge for an American born Mexican Federale who must balance every deed and measure every word as he navigates all of the conflicting agendas. The cash from drugs funds it all. Everything is sacred and nothing is taboo but knowing when, where and with whom to cut your deals is the key to survival. Lobo is American by birth but Mexican in his heart. His journey gives us a glimpse into the well funded world of the War On Drugs where the Drug Cartels are every bit as organized and sophisticated as the Governments that turn a blind eye one minute and take a hard line the next.
Every ebb and flow of cash and drugs creates new millionaires built on the blood of the innocent. The tide creates billionaires built through a network of smuggling, bribes, extortion, and torture. In this world the theory of how it all works gives way to the reality of how it really works and Lobo is our tour guide... what makes us hate him one day gives way to the reality that the values he compromises today help him stay alive to work toward a greater good tomorrow. Lobo is the conquistador that helps spread the wealth to the poor while angling to take down powerful drug lords that have become too vicious.
Fictionalized and based on the life story of a real American Federale that navigated these currents sometimes to within a heartbeat of his life, Lobo survived being tortured by the Mexican Military, his fellow Federales, and 22 gun battles with the Mexican Cartels. He is one of three agents that caught Drug Lord Pablo Acosta in a cross fire that ended his life and the other two agents are dead. American Federale is the gritty true to life version of the Godfather, Sopranos, or Boardwalk Empire.

Release dateApr 4, 2015
American Federale: They Call Me Lobo
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Michael Douglas Carlin

"Our work will not be finished until every man, woman, and child alive has three square meals a day, a roof over their heads, access to quality health care, personal security, an education and a job." - Michael Douglas CarlinIt all began with the book "A Prescription For Peace" continued with "Peaceful Protests" and is developed further in "Rise a Knight." What if a billion people took an oath never to discriminate against any human for any reason? The world would be a better place for all of us. Rise a Knight empowers people everywhere to live a life of service. In the pages of Carlin's books you will find essays about the nuts and bolts of how we can have peace on earth.You can follow Michael Carlin into Border Mexico in the documentary film, American Federale, about the only American ever to serve as a Mexican Federale. The film is available on iTunes, Amazon, and GooglePlay.Recently Carlin spent two years with former LAPD Homicide Detective Russell Poole investigating the murders of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls. Russell, R.J. Bond, and Carlin wrote Tupac:187 an encyclopedia about the murders. Russell and Carlin continued to distill the information with the attempt to get law enforcement on board with reopening the cases. What they created can be seen in Chaos Merchants. Carlin set up a meeting through Sheriff Jim McDonnell for Russell to meet with a homicide investigator at the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. Poole and Carlin had uncovered some disturbing information related to the cases that implicated one or more of the Sheriff's in a related attempted murder. Poole felt that reopening the Tupac and Biggie cases would make the Sheriff's shine and avoid embarrassment. When Poole showed up to the meeting he was confronted by investigators into the attempted murder instead of just the promised homicide investigator interested in reopening the cases. Mysteriously Poole suffered a massive heart attack in the meeting and perished before he left the room. Learn what Poole and Carlin discovered in Chaos Merchants that cost Russell Poole his life.You can reach Michael Carlin at MichaelDouglasCarlin@gmail.com

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