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Pastors as Counselors

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Religion & Spirituality - Pastors as Counselors weaves
its way through the intricate world of counseling specifically
as it pertains to licensed ministers and pastors. Living in a
litigious society, pastors providing counseling services are
quickly becoming a thing of the past. A pastor attempting to
counsel a parishioner is subject to the same rules and laws as
licensed and trained counselors. In an attempt to bring pastors
into the real world, Religion & Spirituality - Pastors as Counselors
outlines what a pastor must do to be compliant as well as teaches
the various types of the most common mental maladies that they will
face. Every pastor should have this book as a part of their personal
library. Religion & Spirituality - Pastors as Counselors is not
a book on spiritualism and in fact it is a book of spirituality vs
religion. It delineates what are the differences in religions and
speaks about religion spirituality.

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