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The Mystical Dance: Mystical Poetry Inspirational Poetry Nature Poetry Spiritual Poetry

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"The Mystical Dance" is a book of one hundred and eight mystical, nature, and spiritual poems inspired by Rumi, Tagore, Paramananda, Hafiz, Thoreau and others. These poems are an interweaving of nature's inspiration and the universal spiritual Truths found in India's Vedanta philosophy. Nature will lift us into the realm of the sublime if we follow her guidance into the present moment.

"Gordon Burnham is a wonderful poet who is long overdue for recognition as a member of that select and rare group of poets which is able to successfully express the mystical beauty of nature in their poetry. I sincerely feel Burnham would not be able to write these moving verses without his strong interest in the mystical path, which he treads. God is found everywhere in nature, and this poet has given us a glimpse of That One." ~ Cliff Johnson, Author of "Inner Peace In a Busy World"

"On this life-journey, reminders and signposts pointing toward joy and wholeness, are like trail markers on a path to a wellspring in the desert. I hope to have fashioned some trail markers from the wealth of Nature’s living artistry, the truth she expresses through the ceaseless outpouring of creation, and the eloquent stillness of the Source. Although words can only point to or remind us of the fullness of these moments, hopefully there are some sign posts and reminders in the pages that follow that will be of value to some of my fellow travelers on the path." ~ Gordon Burnham

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