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Meditation Tips 'n Techniques: Simple Meditation Methods, Aids & Guides

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“This practical an excellent source of wise counsel from someone who knows the path intimately himself.” ~ Stephan Bodian, Author, "Meditation for Dummies". It provides effective tools to help you make progress, ignite your enthusiasm and find new joy on your meditation journey. It was written for those who are drawn to meditation, especially ford those who have met with difficulty.

The first part of this book, Section I: Basics of Meditation, is an explanation and clarification of the core concepts and goals of meditation, as well as common challenges and pitfalls. It also explores the three basic methods of meditation, how they differ and what they share in common.

In Section II: Tips 'n Techniques, the exercises may be used as primary meditation methods or as tools to help bring you back into the flow of your main meditation practice. They can be very helpful when you are finding it difficult to stay focused on the object of your primary meditation.
The ideas contained here are expressed in modern and informal language, though they have the ancient spiritual teachings of Vedanta philosophy from India as their source and inspiration.
In meditation, ultimately it is the quiet steady flow of concentration that conquers the adamantine obstacles in our path. This happens much as the yielding flow of a river carves a pathway to the sea. Still, it is easy to become discouraged if we are confronted with a rock hard wall of persistent thoughts, emotional patterns or conditioning that is blocking our progress.

The tips and techniques for meditation presented here are not offered as a shortcut to the goal of our meditation. There are no real shortcuts. For each of us there is only the distance of our own unique path. However, we can find tools or helpful aids for our journey. Each of us must do all of the walking for ourselves as we journey up the mountain on our meditation quest. However, if we should encounter a wide ravine filled with deep snow along the way, a pair of snowshoes might help us cross over an area where we are not sure of our step. Or, if perhaps we reach a tall granite ridge separating us from the next step in our quest, a laser beam of focused consciousness might help penetrate and open a pathway forward.

It is beneficial to maintain a central theme in our meditations, however it can also be helpful to experiment with a different approach or technique if our meditation has become stagnant or blocked.

Section III: Inspiring Quotations, is a collection of powerful quotations from spiritual masters and others who have journeyed into wisdom and shared it with their words. A single sentence of inspired Truth can open inner doors and reveal a pathway long hidden from view. "Inspiring Quotations" is a treasure chest of these precious wisdom-jewels.

Wherever you are in your exploration of meditation, hopefully you will find within these pages, words that spark a flame of inspiration and help your meditation flourish and shine. We have no more powerful means at our command to transform our lives and realize the joy and the peace that are at the heart of the human quest. Meditation is an immeasurable gift to all who will explore its depths. It is free to all and it opens the portal to true freedom.

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