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Whispers of Light: Spiritual, Nature, Inspirational & Mystical Poetry

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This second book of one hundred eight poems follows “The Mystical Dance,” expanding on nature, spiritual and mystical themes. "Whispers of Light" aspires to poetry's potential to lift and inspire the heart, mind and soul.

Poems can reach deep into our hidden inner chambers to touch and heal. They can pierce the cloud of unknowing to reveal the light of awakening, and unveil the beauty that language can only point to. Poetry, like a fragrant spring morning or a bolt of lightning in a summer sky, captures the mind and gives wings to our thoughts.

Nature is the mystical wizard that will open our eyes to miracles if we but look and listen. Truth more astonishing than fairytales and fiction speaks silently and waits for an ear.

A few words can move us to depths of inspiration. Yet, words themselves can only be pale reflections of what they seek to express. It is that which cannot be spoken, that poetry must be inspired by, and point us to.
Why 108 poems? The importance and power of the number 108 was established long ago in India. See: "Significance of 108" at the end of this book.

About The Author

Gordon Burnham is the author of four books—two books of spiritual and nature poetry—"The Mystical Dance" and "Whispers of Light", a book on meditation—"Meditation Tips 'n Techniques" and a book of daily verses and reflections—"Inspirations and Meditations." He is also a singer-songwriter on eight CDs of universal spiritual songs, Sanskrit kirtans and chants, new age instrumentals and acoustic guitar instrumentals. His music and books are available for purchase and can be sampled on Amazon, iTunes and

Born in Traverse City, Michigan, Gordon later moved with his family to Grand Rapids where he grew up in a rural setting of rivers, lakes, hills and woods. His natural love of nature, art and music was infused with a sense of the spiritual and was to be his guide through the years to come.

He attended Western Michigan University, majoring in psychology and minoring in music, and after college moved to Boston to pursue a career in music and continue his spiritual exploration.

Gordon taught Music Therapy at Northeastern University, Boston, and developed a course on "Healing and Spiritual Awakening Through Music". The study of yoga, meditation and the pursuit of his spiritual path were woven into the fabric of his life and guided its direction.

Gordon' has been a student of meditation and Vedanta philosophy since meeting his teacher and guru, Srimata Gayatri Devi in 1974. He plays a central role in weekly music performances and is the director of major musical events at Ananda Ashrama, La Crescenta, CA. and Vedanta Centre, Cohasset, MA. He is also a regular speaker at Ananda Ashrama.

Gordon Burnham is a fellow-traveler on this path of life which has lead him to his current home with his wife Rita in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. In an atmosphere surrounded by nature, on the edge of the wilderness, his life is focused on the spiritual quest—and enjoying the journey!

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