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Boiled Sweets - How They Used to Do It

132 pages37 minutes


Learn how to craft truly beautiful sweets, the way they used to do it.

This vintage-style book is a kitchen staple for any creative cooks wanting to take a trip back to the golden age of sweet-making. This book will guide you through the sweet-making process, including a brief history of the sweet treats, confectionery techniques, the best kind of equipment to use and lots of recipes to try out.

The How They Used To Do It series will take you back to the golden age of practical skills; an age where making and mending, cooking and preserving, brewing and bottling, were all done within the home. The series will instruct you in a whole range of traditional skills that have fallen out of use, putting old knowledge into new hands. Using household items, nifty hints and tricks, and a little creativity you will be surprised what you can achieve.

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