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Jesus - Man Of Genius

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John Middleton Murry was an English writer. He wrote reviews on literature, social issues, politics, and religion during his lifetime.
The Jesus who is presented in these pages is simply the Jesus who is real to me—the Jesus in whose real existence I can, and in whom I do, believe. Because I desired to present him clearly, I have not only excluded, without warning or apology, incidents in the familiar story which I hold to be apocryphal, but I have put aside many sayings and incidents which I believe to be wholly authentic, because to include them would obscure the narrative. My aim has been simply to establish a point of view from which the profound and astonishing unity of the life and teaching of Jesus can be grasped, and my hope is that those who can accept this point of view will find that the authentic sayings and incidents which I have omitted will fall naturally into place without exposition of mine.

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