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The Watch Jobber's Handybook - A Practical Manual on Cleaning, Repairing and Adjusting: Embracing Information on the Tools, Materials Appliances and Processes Employed in Watchwork

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This handy volume contains a comprehensive guide to cleaning, repairing, and adjusting watches. It includes information on all the tools, materials, appliances, and processes employed in watchwork. This antiquarian volume was originally intended for the use of young beginners in their elementary practice with watchwork, although the technical terms will be useful for reference to many who are more experienced. Written in clear language and containing simple step-by-step instructions, this text is ideal for the beginner, and makes for a great addition to collections of allied literature. The chapters of this book include: Early Time Measure and Modern Watches; A Watch Movement and How to Take it Apart; Examining, Cleaning, and Putting Together; Repairs and Adjustment, and Glossary of Terms, Tools, Materials, Parts and Processes Used in Watchwork. This text is being republished with a new introduction on the subject.

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