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The Wheels of Chance - A Bicycling Idyll

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This books follows the tale of a young man living in late 19th century London who endeavours to escape the cruel drudgery of his job as a draper’s assistant by embarking on a fantastical ten-day cycling holiday around England. His meanderings are interspersed repeatedly by encounters with a pretty young cyclist – a naive socialite intent on escaping the disagreeable schemes of deplorable older man intent on seducing her. After he inadvertently saves her from the clutches of her would-be seducer, the two become travelling companions and embark together on a wonderful journey of romance and freedom. Although most notably known for his science fiction, Wells’s cycling idyll is a perfect example of his wonderful story-telling ability. Written when bicycles were first becoming popular, this heart-warming tale details a time of change where people were beginning to embracing freedom and the suffocating class structure was beginning to crumble. A humorous and compelling tale, Wheels of Chance is a worthy addition to any discerning bookshelf. H.G. Wells was a prominent English writer best known for his canonical science fiction novels. First published in 1896, this book is republished now with a biography of the author.

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