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Sea Fishing for Amateurs - A Practical Book on Fishing from Shore, Rocks or Piers

116 pages1 hour


'The object of this book is to teach all those who wish to learn, how to catch sea-fish, great and small. Within the limits of a small manual it is of course impossible to dilate at great length on any particular detail but an endeavour has been made to include in these pages such practical information - based on years of experience - as will enable the merest novice to try his hand successfully at any of the various methods of fishing in vogue along our shores. To those who go to the seaside for their annual holiday, it is expected that this little volume will be of special value, as it will not only enable them to select the place best calculated to give good results at the time of the year at which they are able to get away, but will also advise them as to the best way to set about fishing.'

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