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The Medici Popes: Leo X and Clement VII

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Published in 1908, this vintage text by Herbert Millingchamp Vaughan (1870-1948), provides a fascinating insight into the realm of the Medici Popes in Italy. Featuring the original illustrations, this edition is a must-have for any historian or enthusiast for Renaissance history. Contents include: Pedigree of the Senior Branch of the House of Medici; 1 Childhood and Youth in Florence; 2 Misfortune and Exile; 3 Rise to Power Under Julius II; 4 Return of the Medici to Florence; 5 Leo Decimus Pontifex Maximus; 6 Medicean Ambition; 7 The Court of Leo X; 8 Leo’s Hunting; 9 Leo X and Raphael; 10 Conspiracy of the Cardinals; 11 Death and Character of Leo X; 12 Clemens Septimus Pontifex Maximus; 13 The Sack of Rome; 14 Last Years of Clement VII; 15 The Later Medici Popes; Appendix. We are republishing this early work in a high quality, modern and affordable edition, complete with a specially written concise biography.

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