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After a young cockney secretary named Miss Begonia Brown is confronted by a number of men and women who have good reason to complain of the way they have been treated by their governments, she suggests that they take their grievances to the Court of International Justice at The Hague. After the British Foreign Secretary departs expediently to Geneva to meet the Judge of the International Court, the three dictators Bombardone (or Mussolini), Battler (or Hitler), and Flanco de Fortinbras (or Franco) defend themselves in person against their accusers: a Jew, a Labour-democrat, an anarchistic widow, and a Soviet Commissar. An entertaining and thought-provoking play sure to be of interest to discerning stage enthusiasts, Geneva is well worth a read and constitutes a veritable must-have addition to collections of Shaw's Work. We are proud to republish this antique text here complete with a new prefatory biography of the author.

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