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Hypnotism Revealed - The Powers Technique of Hypnotizing and Self-Hypnosis - Including the Intriguing Chapter Sleep and Learn

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Hypnotism is one of the most remarkable phenomena known to man. It is as old as the human mind, as aged as the beginning of the world. To whatever quarter we direct our research, whether to dusty old manuscripts or to ancient hieroglyphics, we find indelible traces of the influence of hypnotism.
There is nothing mysterious about the phenomenon of hypnotism. However, people have long looked upon hypnosis as being surrounded by a veil of mystery. The word itself seems to carry a connotation of mysticism. It must be clearly recognized that there is nothing abnormal about it. Its principles are evident in everyday life without attracting any particular degree of attention. Suggestibility is a normal characteristic of the mind.
In Hypnotism Revealed Melvin Powers explains the history and facts surrounding the subject of hypnotism as well as giving instructions on how to hypnotise subjects, refractory subjects and yourself.

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