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Hunting Reminiscences (History of Hunting Series - Drag Hunting & Terriers)

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Originally published in 1898, this rare early work on fox, hare and drag hunting is both expensive and hard to find in its first edition. Read Country Books have republished it in an affordable, high quality, modern edition, using the original text and artwork. The author was a well known hunting man of his day, who also wrote several other well received hunting titles, and contributed many articles to the sporting press of that era. "Hunting Reminiscences" has two hundred and eighty eight pages containing nine entertaining chapters: - Reminiscences of the Cambridge Drag and the House of Commons Steeple Chases. - The Life of a Hunter. - Hounds. - Hare Hunting. - Fox Hunting. (two chapters) - Cub Hunting. - The Greatest Run I ever saw. - Badger Hunting with Hound and Terrier. (The author believed the badger's continued existence could only be assured by hunting him) The book was written in the Golden Age of Hunting and will remain a lasting tribute to this popular sport. "Hunting is the sport of kings, the image of war without its guilt, with only five-and-twenty per cent. of the danger."....John Jorrocks.

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