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Not a Yeti, Yet: A Novel

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As the front door slammed shut, Terenda’s scream echoed through the hallway. William ran frantically, lurching down the hallway toward the back of the house, arriving just as two men dragged her through the rear doorway. In pursuit, he rounded the outside corner of the house as the door of the Hummer swung open and Terenda was pushed into the dark interior. Yelling to his wife, he caught a glimpse of the massive, heavily bearded profile sitting inside. The door slammed shut as he frantically ran toward the vehicle. The Hummer swung from the curb, and he was left running down the sidewalk screaming for his wife. She turned in the seat; he saw her face through the tinted window. He did not believe what he saw. Strange disappearances and unexplained events have the authorities baffled. People are here one minute, gone without a trace, the next. Or so it would seem. Yet undiscovered, a sheltered new world exists within our world. Terenda has begun the journey.

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