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The Pirate Planet

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Diffin was a clever man of various talents. Throughout his career as well as writing some thought provoking science fiction he was also an engineer (he graduated from the University of Buffalo with a degree in analytical chemistry) and, for a time, an airplane salesman. By common consent his early works were his best when he fused his scientific mind and creative thirsts together in a series of stories beginning with 'Spawn of the Stars' where Earth is invaded by amoeba-like Aliens. During the mid-30's the constant need to write quickly and deliver faster for the numerous magazines who devoured his work meant his stories became more obvious and routine. His appetite for the fantastic seemed dulled. He returned to his engineering roots and wrote the nonfiction The Magic Carpet; Adventures in Transportation on Land (1935) and Transportation: The Evolution of Travel by Land (1936). Charles Willard Duffin died in Bonita, San Diego on May 15th 1966.

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