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A Shot at Redemption

634 pages10 hours


Talented race car driver Cash Douglas has made a career of jumping from car to car and track to track, always following the big pay days and never worrying about whose toes he might be stepping on in the process. He has his reasons. When he and his wife face a personal crisis and an ever-growing stack of medical bills, Cash relies on his unique skill to make money the best way he knows how. He provides for his family but his reputation suffers.
About the time his situation begins to improve, Cash receives what he believes is a once-in-a-lifetime offer to drive for RaceTech, a brand new supermodified race team. Frank McKinnel, the eccentric RaceTech owner, has plans to franchise his custom race parts business. He wants publicity and knows hiring a black sheep like Cash Douglas is a sure way to get people talking. His decision angers at least one person as well.
A suspicious practice day crash is the first of many misfortunes. Broken windows lead to slashed tires, cryptic warning messages, sabotage, assault and attempted murder. Someone is out to get Cash, or RaceTech, or both. The big question is why? Frank McKinnel appears to be the only one with a clear motive. He has a knack for turning publicity into profit, but would he trash his own cars and risk the life of his driver just to sell a few more franchises? Cash needs to find out before it’s too late.

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