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Saving Grace

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I hold a monthly contest on my T. Mason Gilbert Author Page on Facebook. To begin the contest, I ask people to write one random sentence in the comments section of the post declaring the contest open for submissions.
The first ten people to submit a random sentence are the declared the ‘winners.’
I take the first ten sentences submitted and write a story containing those ten random sentences. This is the short story that I came up with from the second contest and is entitled "Saving Grace."
The rules are pretty simple and they are:
i) You must not have participated in a prior contest.
ii) It should be a sentence. But sentence fragments sometimes sneak in.
iii) I won’t change the order of the words but I may change or add some punctuation.
iv) It must be an original sentence of your own creation.
v) By entering you release all rights to the sentence.
Here are the ten sentences submitted for “Saving Grace,” along with the names of the people who submitted them:
1) She had left everything she had ever known to save herself. ~ Lori Jean Spalding
2) Relaxing on the porch with a glass of wine, looking across the canyon watching the sun set. ~ Kelly Gulla
3) The leaves glistened with the morning dew. ~ Denise Grenslitt DeMeester
4) The song he sang was of sadness, that had long ago been his bliss; and though his weathered voice made the tune unclear, the words went something like this: ~ Antigone Cristabelle Westfall (aka Teri Beers)
5) The pressure to say something profound is exhausting. ~ Rachel Greeley
6) I could see the reflection of her soul deep within the beauty of her eyes. ~ Keith Gambetty
7) Of all the authors and songwriters, how am I ever going to know that I've said something no one else ever has? ~ Ed Coenen
8) The last fragile leaves shimmered in the sunlight, wafting down like delicate golden coins at my feet. ~ Emma Leigh
9) The death of my father, the announcement of my first great-grandchild, the sadness, the elation, the circle of life ... my life. ~ Martha Harner Heslow
10) As the moon begins to rise, the sense of something not quite right blows in with the wind. ~ Roxie Wilkins

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