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White Harvest

285 pages


In the Artic, man is the deadliest animal

Biologist Kathy McNeely is no stranger to the capricious nature of the wilderness. Fresh off a dangerous research mission in Antarctica, she’s been asked to join a new expedition in Alaska. The Association of Scientists to Save the Environment organized the trip for McNeely and other researchers to identify the risks of the Alaskan pipeline. It’s also a chance for McNeely to investigate the rampant poaching business in the area. What she discovers is shocking.

Someone is butchering entire herds of walruses, using a local Eskimo tribe to do their dirty work by plying them with drugs and alcohol. The man behind the slaughter, Travis Mayberry, is just getting started. His bosses want ivory, lots of it, but there’s one prize that’s worth more than the rest—the tusks of a legendary walrus called Muugli. For those, Travis will do anything… even murder.

With the help of an undercover government agent and an Eskimo patriarch, McNeely pursues the poachers. But as they draw closer to exposing a massive international trafficking ring, McNeely and her team become the target of a ruthless kingpin. To save the walruses, first they’ll need to save themselves.

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