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A dream world or a living nightmare?

Psychedelic-40, the miracle drug designed to give users a sense of serenity has an interesting side effect for a small segment of the population. In people with latent telepathic and extra-sensory abilities—the Sensitives, and the even more powerful Specials—PSI-40 enhances their exceptional mental capabilities. But in the general public, addiction to PSI-40 has virtually enslaved humanity.

For years, the insidious Mental Freedom Syndicate has controlled the creation and sale of PSI-40, despite mounting opposition from the underground activist group, The Antis. Now, Jon Rand, a skilled Sensitive and a key Security agent for the MFS, has a new assignment—locate the leader of the Antis and neutralize him, by any means necessary.

His target, Kemp “Killjoy” Johnson, isn’t an easy man to catch. A rogue Special with unprecedented abilities, Killjoy evaded the MFS for 17 years before resurfacing in Baja California. As Rand delves into the underbelly of the PSI-40 market, searching for any trace of the elusive Killjoy, he suddenly finds himself the target of an unknown adversary. The line between friend and foe is blurred, and Rand’s life, his mission, and the future of the world, all depend on exposing the true enemy.

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