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No Power Can Stop Faith

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This book is a collection of short stories from the Gospels of Matthew and Mark about people who came to Jesus to be healed physically and spiritually. What led them to Jesus? What were their needs? The world in Jesus' day was not much different than it is today. We still have needs. We still feel something is missing. We still search for answers. We pray, plead, wait for answers. Some times we hear a voice, see an answer to prayer, or receive a blessing. Other times we feel like we are adrift in a sea of silence, so far away from God. What can we learn from the people who left them homes to travel long distances to find Jesus? Maybe we are like people who waited until Jesus came to them. How do we find Jesus today? What can we learn from the people Jesus touched and healed? One thing is certain … when the answer arrives, the solution is always much easier than we ever imagined. Jesus already touched someone just like you. See how He effected their lives.

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