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Fully Equipped : By the Holy Spirit

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This book will help you to understand that your true ministry extends far beyond the four walls of the traditional church and includes your work, business, family and marriage.The Bible promises that you the believer will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you and that you will be witnesses released with an apostolic anointing to impact nations, to cast out demons by the power of the Spirit and in the name of Jesus. The book teaches about the ministry of the Holy Spirit from Genesis to Revelations, and about the personality of the Holy Spirit. You will discover that the Holy Spirit is a person with a personality, the CEO of the church, and the most important person on planet earth. In addition to apostolic ministry, the book deals with the power of prayer and praying in the Holy Spirit, the power of praise and worship, the power of the blood of Jesus, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the power of living a holy life and deliverance from demonic strongholds.

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