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Vronial: Book I of the Endowed

444 pages7 hours


Vronial: Book I of the Endowed, offers an entertaining universe that contains fantasy greatness while providing suspenseful drama, action and a quick thickening plot.
Born into a world where gods endow humans, dragons talk and flying without wings is normal, Vronial emerges as an unexpected hero. Orphaned at birth and undertrained by her lifetime overseer, she finds herself the Messiah of an organization dedicated to warring against those that murder the innocent and disenfranchised, through the powers of twin gods. Her abilities, though reach a level many cannot, are juvenile and her mindset unsure of the truth behind the efforts of the group she supports and those who oppose her. As fate would have it, her greatest foe, a dark hearted apathetic king with a track record of ruthless murder, abides in the same nation, and they both, set forth on two separate missions that will reach an inevitable intersection.

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