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Persuasion - Lesbian Erotic Stories

79 pages1 hour


It seemed harmless enough to give her a ride since she was stranded and it was absolutely pouring.

Was she tricked or too curious to resist?

The book has 6 Girl-meets-Girl short stories of
Curiosity and Discovery.

As a fleeting bisexual impulse becomes overpowering, sometimes inexperienced women act on their fascination of exotic lesbians they meet. Could the straight girl avoid falling for the lesbian who put the moves on her? She is reluctant in so many ways, but in the end she allows herself to be seduced by the woman for her first lesbian experience.
“Persuasion–Lesbian Erotic Stories” is a collection of 6 stories of lesbian erotica, which contains explicit language and depictions of consensual sex between adults.

1. Emo Chick at the Pool
2. Lost Kindle
3. Lezmark
4. Naples
5. Tit Mouse
6. Bike Share

Any resemblance to persons is purely coincidental.

© 2013 Virginia Wild

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