Curiosity - Lesbian Erotic Stories

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Curiosity - Lesbian Erotic Stories

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars3/5 (26 ratings)
Length: 137 pages1 hour


"Curiosity - Lesbian Erotic Stories” is a collection of 5 short stories--Lesbian erotica, mostly of straight women falling for lesbians. Inner conflicts and mixed feelings dissolve as attraction overshadows everything.

You will enjoy these great stories of discovery and passion. Girl-meets-Girl short stories of Curiosity and Discovery.***

1. Basketball
Rivalry leads to personal fouls. A straight girl is provoked.***
2. Orange Juice
Trish’s catches an eyeful when her promiscuous roommate has a lesbian guest for the night.***
3. Pray the Gay Away
Marybeth returns from an African mission and gets involved with the church’s Homosexual Fellowship program.***
4. Charlotte Learns
Charlotte is suspicious then curious about her friend Gabrielle.***
5. Credit Union for Spies
Vanessa is embroiled in a danger, & falls for a lesbian spy.

Contains explicit language and depictions of consensual sex between adults.
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