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Warning Lights

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FEELINGS: God created us with a natural signal system to alert us to issues that we need to evaluate and handle well with our wise, loving Creator. He gives us some other emotions for us to enjoy as they help us grow in Christ Jesus. Too often we handle our feelings in worse ways. I write to believers in Jesus who know God and His love well enough to want Him to lead them at all times. Many do as I have done: I want this until something happens that “gets to me”, and then I find myself doing my own thing instead of letting God lead me. In this book we consider our Creator’s good purposes for giving us feelings of anger, fear, fearfulness, guilt, pain, depression, grief, love, joy, peace, satisfaction, contentment, excitement, adventure, and more. We see God’s ways to handle each feeling and see how each can be twisted to work against His best provision for any person. God will provide this best to all who continue to do like Jesus: He let His Father lead Him at all times.

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