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The Anschluss of the Sudeten Regions and the Subjugation of Czechia

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Every day recently pundits in the media compare Putin’s “invasion of Ukraine” to Hitler’s “invasion of Czechoslovakia.” They do so obviously on the assumption that people today well know what took place in Czechoslovakia seventy-six years ago. It is only thus that the comparison might help them to understand what is taking place in Ukraine today. But is this assumption correct? I doubt that it is and have therefore undertaken to make available free online an abbreviated version of Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof’s detailed account of the events leading up to Germany’s Anschluss of the Sudeten Regions in 1938. This account is found in pages 165-249 of his book: 1939 – The War That Had Many Fathers: the Long Run-Up to the Second World War, available online at Lulu. In this abbreviated version of that account nearly all the footnotes have been omitted. For documentation of the facts cited herein, see the full version of the book.

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